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With a passion for helping organisations achieve their goals I facilitate a variety of interactive and engaging workshops for teams, worked directly with key staff in organisations to achieve specific goals and undertaken stand-alone projects for organisations.

No matter what type of business or charity you are or what you do, it is essential for everyone to work effectively together, be clear about their roles, know what is needed, and by when, and have the tools to achieve this. In small entities this need is amplified often with people undertaking multiple tasks impacting many parts of the organisation.

This is where I can help you by working with owners, managers or the whole team to look at what is needed to ensure the best outcomes for your organisation.

I can do this by providing practical tools for staff and volunteers and by helping your teams to work together, understand communication styles and approaches and increase productivity through skills development and better use of the basic software programmes most businesses work with (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.)

To provide a framework for understanding personality styles and organisational planning TetraMapĀ© is one of the many great tools available, developed in New Zealand and now used internationally it works and engages diverse teams.

Workshops are offered in a number of key areas and can be used as a one-session skills builder, a fun and enjoyable team day, or built into an on-going training programme throughout the year.

Do you just need a job done?

I can deliver projects to achieve your goals, you set the parameters or we can work together to achieve small projects or create strategic and action plans to allow you to work towards larger goals with support if needed along the way.

TetraMap Facilitation

I first attended a TetraMap workshop more than 10 years ago and found that it stuck where many, many other models, while useful, required more processing and work to implement within a team. TetraMap just comes naturally.

The ways TetraMap can be applied across personal development, team building, customer service, and planning make it an invaluable tool for my clients.

Letticia Mincham

Letticia Mincham
Focus Training & Consulting
Certified 27/11/2013

Client Testimonial

Letticia approaches her work with nothing less than excellence. Letticia is passionate about people being at their best and her facilitation style provides the right environment for people to push their boundaries to maximise their learning outcomes.

Simone Molenaar
General Manager

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