Sue Schoormans


I am an HR, intercultural and career coach who, through the application of TetraMap, focuses on enabling individuals to communicate effectively and to reach their goals.

I have worked internationally for over 20 years within the HR and intercultural fields. I have a MSc in International HR and Globalisation and am trained in psychometric testing, neuro-linguistic programming, intercultural programmes and TetraMap.
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TetraMap Facilitation

I value the simplicity, elegance and holisticity of TetraMap and that there are so many opportunities for its application.

TetraMap enables you to reflect on your own behavioural style and in doing so you will learn to understand and embrace the styles of others with whom you engage.

I encourage you to embark on the TetraMap journey to appreciate how it adds value to both your professional and private life.

I have delivered TetraMap in England, Norway and Czech Republic; I am now available to deliver the tool in the Netherlands and soon online!
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Tel: +31 657262481
Click Here to read Sue's article which highlights how TetraMap has enable her to better understand herself and others in both her professional and private life.

Sue Schoormans

Sue Schoormans
Certified 18/06/2008

Client Testimonial

The workshop overall was rated: 4.78 (out of 5) You as a workshop leader: 4.70 (out of 5) Comments from workshop attendees: How did this workshop make you feel: "Enthusiastic and uplifted, learned a lot about myself and how to relate to others." "Insightful, plenty of fun and learning too." "Very positive, surprised about behaviour patterns." "Energized and engaged, very confident and aware of people's differences." "I loved the workshop, it's been really fun, enjoyable and positive." General Comments: "Nice tool, generous trainer, lots of toys and treats." "thanks for the workshop it was a great experience and a different way to look at personality types." "Thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous - best session of the conference." "very good insight into others styles, repeat it in future so more people can attend." "It was a lot of fun and the exercises helped with networking and knowing people in a different way.

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Czech Republic

+31 657262481