Esther Bukholt


I have worked for twenty joyful years in the community development, community education and recreation sector. In this I am committed to helping community organisations build capacity, especially their people capacity.
I am a:

  • developer of innovative learning and development opportunities
  • skilled people leader, especially through change management
  • advanced facilitator of small and large groups
  • successful project manager

TetraMap Facilitation

I like TetraMap, because in our continuously changing world we need tools that will quickly move teams to create sustainable solutions together. TetraMap does that with elegance, science, and a whole lot of fun.

I have seen first-hand how TetraMap enables people to better understand one another, reduce conflict, improve communication, and plan together.

PS: If you like the harakeke (flax) tetrahedron I am holding, please contact me at, or 021 0290 7864 to buy your own.

Esther Bukholt

Esther Bukholt
Esther Bukholt
Certified 30/11/2011

Client Testimonial

Esther’s facilitation style is fun, engaging, and personal whilst at the same time on track, ensuring we achieved what we set out to do. The outcomes achieved for us through TetraMap have been instantly noticeable and continue to be put to use. The debriefing sessions were honest and the follow up excellent. I would highly recommend Esther as a facilitator.

Marge Jackson
Kites Trust

Esther Bukholt
160 Washington Ave
027 697 2001