TetraMap has made an impact that goes above and beyond performance at a team level. The use of nature as a metaphor and the simplicity of TetraMap is one of the key reasons our people have so readily bought into it. TetraMap creates an excellent framework for more effective communication and collaboration.

Jo Ring, Manager People and Culture, Wellington Zoo, NZ

It’s a phenomenally powerful tool for managers to communicate more effectively with their team.

Ben Long, Manager, BSkyB, UK

TetraMap has very quickly become part of everyday life. It is a model that is easy to understand, follow, and apply, and feels so natural that it becomes second nature to think in TetraMap terms. We use the language often in everyday meetings to help steer ourselves in the right path and in more formal ways, such as to prepare feedback, coaching, and to communicate effectively. We have gained a lot from using TetraMap in our business and we will continue to grow our team’s use and understanding of the tool.

Sally Clark, Group Accounts Director, Aztec NZ

The power of TetraMap is its simplicity to engage minds and optimise thinking for increased learning and collaboration. My clients applaud it as it focuses on strengths, leveraging their diversity, and can be easily applied in whatever challenge is being faced.

Sylvie Carter, Director, Mindscious Group, Australia

Thank you so much for running the course. It really was the best course I have ever been on. It was so inspiring and enjoyable, and I had more ‘aha’ moments than ever before!

Christine Walkley, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, UK

TetraMap is easy for people to understand, grasp, and start using in a short time. I’m still often amazed at its accuracy for what appears to be a reasonably simplistic analysis tool; the knowledge and conceptual component appears to be infinite.

TetraMap automatically increases team cohesiveness which is often additional value to what the training was designed to achieve.

Jan Alley, Director, Jan Alley & Associates, NZ

TetraMap has been a wonderful resource for us at Hamilton City Council. We introduced it to our senior leaders who readily adopted the language and began to cascade it down to their respective teams. We have since incorporated TetraMap into our Leadership Development Programme and this has been hugely successful with assisting our leaders to better understand themselves and others who they work with.

There are other similar tools to TetraMap however the standout feature for us is the simplicity of the concepts and the language enabling wide application and understanding.

Chris Sidwell, Hamilton City Council, NZ