Unleash Your Leadership Potential
with Rotary Youth

TetraMap is the most practical of all the skills we teach them and they go on to use it widely in their workplaces and personal relationships.

Originating in 1959 in Queensland, Australia, RYLA was officially adopted by Rotary International (RI) in 1971. This exciting programme engages Rotary clubs and districts around the world to help the next generation of leaders expand their skills.

The RYLA programme recognises, encourages and educates current and future leaders by offering them this 5 day residential intensive leadership experience. The programme demonstrates Rotary’s commitment to developing leaders.

Within New Zealand’s District 9940, the spirit of RYLA is very much one of collaboration. The RYLA Organising Committee is a passionate bunch of people who cooperate to provide both a supportive environment and the resources necessary for young people to empower other young people.

TetraMap International is honoured to support the programme by donating time, expertise and  resources to this important learning experience  – focused on those who will lead us into the future.  So, what is it about the experience that keeps us returning for many years to facilitate our Unleash Your Natural Potential sessions on days 1 and 2 of this 5-day event? 

“TetraMap provides a spectacular foundation to our Rotary Youth Leadership program. It is one of the first things we do and quickly orientates the participants to get the most out of the groups they are working with. It then becomes the go to mechanism to evaluate and improve team dynamics throughout the rest of the program. Participants regularly report that it is the most practical of all the skills we teach them and they go on to use it widely in their workplaces and personal relationships.”
Ganesh Cherian, Programme Director 2017-2020

Paticipants put teamwork into practice! Self discovery is key to success.  

TetraMap is a way of learning about one’s self and others. It is an integral part of the RYLA Wellington Programme, and RYLA incorporates all aspects of the benefits of TetraMap throughout the programme. Team building, tolerance, working to one’s own strengths, and recognising the strengths of others, all come into play during RYLA.

Steve Lawton, Programme Director 2014-16, RYLA Wellington

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TetraMap is an integral part of the RYLA programme and is consistently rated highly on participants’ feedback sheets. The value of TetraMap as a tool lies in its ability to help our participants better understand themselves and others over several energy-packed and fun sessions. It is a tool for action, enabling each participant to understand how to work effectively with others to attain their desired goal, and one which participants can integrate into their everyday life. As such it is a very important part of the RYLA program.

Debbie Noon, RYLA coordinator