Discovery Sessions

By Louise

Discovery Session

Want to achieve more communication breakthroughs? 

When we’re buried in our digital devices, what do communication, collaboration and conflict mean in our daily lives? We need to consider the cost and consequences of poor communication – both at home and at work.

Three experts discuss different aspects of relationships, friendships and family, and professional lives.

This is THE 21st-century skill set EVERYONE needs. How to develop positive and productive relationships, thereby improving lives.     

Everyday problems you may have faced:

  • A business partnership that started well – and now the trust has gone?
  •  A tense relationship at home. What happened to love and laughter?
  • A team member seems to have ‘quit’, and is now someone who no longer contributes?
  • A supplier relationship with difficult conversations you dread at each meeting. 


You will leave with ELEVEN tips to ELEVATE and EMPOWER you EVERY day. You’ll get learning and insights concentrated into simple actions you can keep working on and improving on. 

A unique interactive learning experience – you’ll walk away with life-changing benefits!

Registration info

Date:-  Tuesday 10 August 2021
Time in your region:-  NZ 7.00pm – Asia 3.00pm – UK 8.00am Link to world times
Format:- Zoom Webinar (approx 45min)
Cost: Free for Inaugural session (Normally $10 registration fee)

Limited spaces so secure your spot today.

Speaker Bios

Jack WongJack HM Wong: a Singapore-based entrepreneur for 10 years.
With strong communication and negotiation skills originally developed from his law school training and working as a tax attorney in an international law firm, Jack continues his life-long learning in communication after he left the corporate world. He specializes in helping his clients close more deals using a scientific communication methodology. He is also active on social media platforms by sharing his insights and wisdom on various entrepreneurship topics. Jack will share with you his top 5 tips for communication with impact.

Emma MaugerEmma Mauger is a mum of three and lives on the tiny island of Guernsey.
With a passion for people and peace – both at home and work, Emma is a professional mediator, facilitator and leadership coach. She helps people get to the root of conflict and progress through disagreements, working to build accountability, to co-create solutions to the issues they see and to repair and rebuild relationships. Emma will teach you how to listen out for the things that aren’t being said.

Rhidhwan Yusoff
Ridhwan (Ridtz) Yusoff
 Ridhwan is a youth enabler who works with youths all across Asia.
With a mission to equip youths with the relevant future skills to thrive in uncertain times, Ridhwan facilitates bite-sized just-in-time learning to empower youths with the right tools to excel as they transit into the working world. Hear from Ridhwan about the diverse approaches to connect and collaborate with the millennials and zillenials and learn how we can start to celebrate the best of who they are. 


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