Certified to certify others, and more

The Master TetraMap Facilitator programme is about transformation, leadership, legacy and scale. It is for people who have seen the impact of TetraMap for themselves and who want to amplify that change to make a bigger difference for others.

We’re assembling a group of people who:

  • understand and are aligned with TetraMap’s values and purpose in the world
  • care about the work they create and seek to do it with more impact
  • lead inter-dependently and share generously
  • are eager to help others get to where they’re going
  • will contribute to the ongoing development and legacy of TetraMap.

The programme is offered globally and is managed by Louise Duncan.  Other current Master Facilitators will share their experience, knowledge, and skill sets with you. You will also ‘meet’ the founders of TetraMap, Yoshimi and Jon Brett, who will facilitate a webinar.

Programme prerequisites:  

  • be a current and active Certified TetraMap Facilitator
  • be using Why Are You Like that? or My Nature Your Nature regularly
  • be experienced in using the range of workbooks (Team, Customer, Planning)
  • have an interest in people, learning and care for the environment.  

Programme content

Three components

  • Pre-programme reading and resources
  • Three modules, each consisting of an online webinar, pre-module reading and research, and a post-module written assignment
  • A project allowing for real-life integration of learning and added value to you, your organisation, and TetraMap’s development
  • A buddy and peer review system will provide feedback.

Webinar topics

  • Background and history
  • TetraMap’s values and purpose in the world
  • The influential Buckminster Fuller
  • Nature and the Tetrahedron
  • TetraMap as a model, tool, framework, and approach
  • The art and science of TetraMapping
  • Your leadership and legacy 
  • Amplifying and Scaling Up. 

Work-related project

  • This is a significant piece of work that includes real-life integration of TetraMap that will create strategic business impact. (We suggest this is signed off by your business.) The project will be shared within the business and also by the MTF with the TetraMap Global Leadership Group.
  • Other projects beyond the workplace by agreement.

Delivery of the TetraMap Certification Course

This involves observing, co-facilitating, and lead facilitating a Certification Course. A regional mentor will provide opportunities, feedback, coaching, and de-briefing.


  • The MF programme will span 3 – 9 months depending on accumulated TetraMap experience and pre- and post-modules work
  • Investment of money, time, labour – this path is a long-term educational investment
  • This is not a traditional course or programme.  It requires curiosity, creativity and stickability.  
  • Learning is limitless. There are no tests. There is no pass or fail.  
  • Are you prepared to do more with less, do the work, and help others get there too?  

Apply for 2019 – starting in March 

As TetraMap’s credibility and reach continue to grow, so do the opportunities. Sharing TetraMap with others requires a generous and values-based mindset. This includes perspectives on: competitors, sharing facilitation opportunities with others, and occasional moral dilemmas. TetraMap International’s values of transparency and responsibility in particular may challenge traditional mindsets around how we work inter-dependently without slipping into win/lose scenarios. This will be clarified at our first meeting after applications are received.

TetraMap Global Leadership Group

You’ll also be invited to join the TGLG which consists of Master TetraMap Facilitators. The intention for this group is to work as a professional learning community with diverse experiences and contexts. The group come together every 6 weeks or so to learn from each other, work inter-dependently, create synergy, and ensure that TetraMap’s legacy adds value in years to come.

Knowing TetraMap made a positive change in my life. As a facilitator I have seen the tool’s great effectiveness as a means to trigger learning, both for the recipient and the presenter.

The process of qualifying as a Master Facilitator has taught me that its simplicity and richness captivate all who experience TetraMap, having a positive impact on people and organizations while improving personal relationships and processes.

The biggest challenge is being able to enrich learning processes, given the uniqueness of every organization, group, and person which presents us with new paths to explore.

Jessica Jiménez Garza – Monterrey, Mexico