TetraMap Taster Guidelines

By TetraMap_Admin

Purpose of the Taster

The TetraMap Taster is a mobile-friendly marketing tool that aims to engage potential audiences. 

It offers TetraMap prospects a taste of a unique learning model and will provide insights about one’s own communication preferences. 

Sharing the URL

Request a Taster URL from TTetraMap for your own event or group which can be converted into bitly or QR for ease of dissemination.

When is a good time to introduce the Taster? 

It’s best for you to share the Taster as part of a conversation or an introductory event where you have an opportunity to explain and showcase TetraMaps potential in the relevant context for your audience. This may be a one to one conversation or an event where you want to generate some interest and excitement / to whet appetites to learn more about what TetraMap can offer. 

How to use it

Request a Taster URL from TetraMap. sharon@tetramap.com

Expiry Date

Request your own Taster start and finish date depending on the event or meeting time frame.

Quantity of tokens

Each Taster can have a number of tokens/users assigned to it.  This can be anything from 1 to 100 depending on the exact purpose or event.  Please explain your purpose when you request your tokens. 

Taster URL – Group Name

Request a name that relates to your own group or event and can be easily identifiable.

Data Analytics and Privacy Policy  

Please request your Taster group analytics from sharon@tetramap.com Please note we do not provide you with any participant email addresses from the Taster provided to TetraMap International.  it is up to you to follow up with your own contacts Privacy Policy. The only people that will hear from TetraMap further are those that subscribe to our newsletter.   

Redirect Links 

The Taster once completed sends the participant to a Taster website landing page on the TetraMap International Website this explains more about the benefits of TetraMap and provides an opportunity for further learning. This can be any landing page, and you can request that a different landing page is used please email the landing page URL that you would like the Taster to redirect to when requesting your Taster. 

Taster analytics wording:

  1. Score – This is the algorithm for adding up the Profile.  It means nothing to the participant.
  2. Subscribe – TetraMap eNews sent out every 3 weeks.
  3. Accuracy – participant accuracy score in relation to their own understanding of their TetraMap communication preferences.
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