A learning experience that’s
seriously playful.

With global success, TetraMap is the learning experience that encourages potential and strengthens leaders and teams.
A simple approach that builds trust, develops empathy and collaborative relationships.

Activate the power of difference for a better world

As we learn to understand and appreciate our differences more, we create more strength in our relationships. Through this core belief, TetraMap is striving to build a better world.

We help people, teams, organisations, and communities learn to build, strengthen and evolve relationships – to communicate, collaborate, solve challenges, and perform together.

We offer you a firm foundation for understanding your nature and the nature of others. Learning unfolds quickly as people gain new insights into themselves, others, and the world around them too. And have fun along the way!

Witness the impact, as you encounter engaging and transformational learning. Activate the power of difference to help create a better world – for everyone.

TetraMap Participant
TetraMap Participation
Starting your journey with TetraMap

“Intuitive and insightful”

Introducing TetraMap is straightforward.  Each TetraMap learning experience is led by a Certified TetraMap Facilitator.

You can start with a fun and engaging workshop designed to get people communicating and collaborating better. We can help you find a facilitator in your region.

If for now, you’d like a conversation to learn more then get in touch. Whatever you choose, we’re here to help!

Master Facilitator
Master TetraMap Facilitator
Certify with TetraMap

“Learn today, facilitate tomorrow”

Experience the powerful impact of TetraMap and empower others to do the same! Choose from an in-person or digital program and learn how TetraMap enables you to facilitate interactive, engaging and fun learning environments.

Our certification programme offers trainers and coaches a learning pathway to facilitate transformational learning experiences using TetraMap® at the core.

You’ll leave ready to create a lasting impact on those around you.

Our Resources

Unlock the Ultimate Facilitator Toolkit!

“Everything you need to make your sessions shine!”

Step into the world of TetraMap facilitation equipped with an extensive library of print and digital resources, designed to support you in delivering outstanding sessions, online and in person.

Each resource includes a comprehensive facilitator guide, interactive activities and PowerPoint presentations – all you need to captivate your audience and facilitate an engaging, transformational experience from the get-go! Plus, our state-of-the art Digital Suite offers immense value. Discover the true value of TetraMap and make your sessions shine!

Team Building


Developing Teams

“TetraMap helped us to get to results quickly”

TetraMap helps to build self and team esteem and offers teams a common language and a safe learning environment. Empowering teams to perform is at the heart of what we do, improving communication and breaking down internal silos. 

We offer a range of learning solutions that support each stage of a team’s evolution. From unlocking great communication and mapping team culture to engaging in planning and action and everything in between, we can help.

Leadership Opportunities


Better Leadership Opportunities

“As a leader, it’s got easier”

Leadership begins with understanding your natural strengths. Everyone has the opportunity to extend their leadership capabilities, which starts with self.

The TetraMap of Leadership® is an accessible learning framework that helps people to develop leadership capabilities across four core themes of Courage, Wisdom, Compassion and Inspiration.

Whether you’re interested in a leadership team development intervention or a coaching approach, the TetraMap of Leadership offers a powerful development framework.

Discovery PromoOnline Self-help Course.

“It requires only a couple of hours of your time, yet the benefits will last you a lifetime “

TetraMap Discovery is an online personal development course designed to help individuals and their families understand and apply TetraMap in their personal lives. Individuals will gain valuable insights into their own communication and behaviour styles, helping them to better understand themselves and those around them.
It’s been designed with personal relationships in mind.


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  • Sylvie Carter, Australia

    "The power of TetraMap is its simplicity to engage minds and optimise thinking for increased learning and collaboration."

  • Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist, Change Dynamics, NZ

    “People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it
    more than anything else now.”

  • Unknown – Facilitator

    "Explore multiple perspectives to understanding people, identify opportunities or solve problems"

  • Unknown – Facilitator

    "It helped me connect with all people better in every area of my life."

  • Janice Aldridge in 2023

    "I did my TetraMap training with Kataraina Pipi in 2008 and this was one of the most valuable trainings I have received in all my years as a Social Worker. Nga mihi ki a koe whaea."

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