TetraMap makes communication easy. Our simple model harnesses nature's model as a force for change.

What's it for?

Facilitating behavioural change with a process you can trust. The Why are you like that? workshops have been delivered thousands of times in many different contexts worldwide.

Copyright TetraMap - Anne Clews video

Anne Clews in the UK explains more about the TetraMap model and how it's used in developing:

  • self-awareness
  • team cohesion
  • leadership capability

in this short 1:28-minute video.

What sets TetraMap apart?

People get it, like it, use it, remember it! Participants will be equipped with the skills, tools, and awareness to apply it for weeks, months, and years to come.

With TetraMap, you get a fresh, inspiring, inclusive model that fosters energy and vitality in your individuals and teams.

It's a roadmap to your personal understanding.

Allen Burton, Certified Facilitator, Australia

Organisations using TetraMap

What's next?