Bespoke Programmes

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Opportunities for organisations that have a desire to integrate the TetraMap approach for long term benefit.  

Bespoke programmes and Co-design developments.

Bespoke Training
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TetraMap is much more than a behavioural model. Once the behavioural model is understood, integrating TetraMap into organisational development provokes deeper, more meaningful change. 

TetraMap has been positioned to help individuals, teams, organisations and communities behave into mind sets that start with sustainability as a way of being, and sustainability is one of our six values.  We encourage everyone we work with to return to nature’s strategies, doing what it takes to embrace diversity, work inter-dependently, whilst reducing waste and being sustainable. Simple, but not simplistic. Easy to say, but not quite so easy to do and continue doing in daily practice. 

Our goal is to explore and commit to a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership.

This approach may reflect and support already embedded organisational beliefs; will usually align with a desire for positive societal impact, and reflect long term thinking about opportunities to positively impact people and the planet.

When a tree it starts out its life, it’s small and fragile. It grows quickly, but it remains easy to cut down for a long time. But when the tree gets old, it has a thick trunk that can withstand almost anything. It would be hard to cut down. It’s developed into a sturdy structure that you can rely on, and that provides shade and bears fruit for future generations. This metaphor reflects the nature of TetraMap’s co-design and partnership approach.  

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
This has been a long term relationship (10+ years ) with an organisation – a military machine – that’s respected throughout the world. It started with a co-design project and evolved into a way of being, shared with young leaders to help them understand diversity in the context of leading teams. SAF has taken the TetraModel in house, uses the Intellectual Property with agreement, and continues to serve their intention to build and continue building a values based force.    

In my seven years as the Head of CLD, I’ve personally witnessed the transformative effect of TetraMap in our military units. Through its Nature’s Principles of (1) Respecting Diversity, (2) Working Inter-dependently, (3) Creating Synergy, and (4) Being Sustainable, TetraMap accentuates the desired environment of Psychological Safety that is filled with trust and openness, despite its hierarchical rank structures, for military units to operate effectively to achieve common objectives.
Col. Fred Tan former Head, Centre for Leadership Development SAF
Now Managing Director, Genium & Co, Singapore. 

Te Wananga O Aotearoa (TWOA)
This inspiring, courageous journey delves into the transformation of the world’s largest indigenous tertiary institute – Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in New Zealand. Here they used TetraMap to develop a unique indigenous communication model that supports cultural diversity, fosters stronger leadership and deepens the educational experience for both tutors and students. TWOA has an intellectual property agreement, developed specialised in-house resources, internal Certified and Master TetraMap facilitators – giving them flexibility to contextualise and adapt as needed. 

NTT Data 
This global organisation wanted a regional leadership retreat designed to shift mindsets and develop greater focus on the people aspect of their leaders skillset. Over several months TetraMap worked with the internal HR leader collaboratively on programme design, budget and logistics to bring this significant event to fruition. We were able to bring together Master TetraMap Facilitators from different cultures to model and reflect the benefits of diversity, and woven into the programme was a series of actions designed to help make the shift sustainable, rather than a one-off conference. 

NTT Data now has a large cohort of internal Certified TetraMap Facilitators across the globe designed to support the ongoing integration of TetraMap into the business.    

Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) 
AKLTG mould the future of youth in Singapore with the trusted education specialist that trains 70,000 students every year. From study skills, life skills, outdoor education to pre-school education, their school programmes can help nurture 21st century leaders. As the world shifts gears and moves into the future, the rules of engagement have changed. No place is this more evident than in youth development.

TetraMap is proud to have been a long term partner with AKLTG for over 10 years. An intellectual property agreement has been in existence for all of that time. AKLTG have a Master TetraMap Facilitator, and several Certified facilitators throughout South East Asia. The recent pandemic has been an opportunity to collaborate on design of virtual learning programmes.

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