Who we are

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Over 20 years of developing people and business the way nature intended.

Our Story  

Jon and YoshimiTetraMap was developed in New Zealand Aotearoa by Yoshimi and Jon Brett. 

A Japanese/American veteran school teacher (Yoshimi) meets Jon, a Kiwi teacher turned sailing adventurer and – the love story begins. They lived out aligned passions around learning, technology, health and the environment.  

Instead of rearing children, Yoshimi and Jon gave birth to TetraMap. They looked to nature to create a learning model that increases personal well-being and team cohesion.  Combining lessons from ancient Chinese philosophy about Nature’s Elements with Buckminster Fuller’s scientific approach to ‘make the world work’,  the model has a unique approach and appeal.   

“My vision for TetraMap is world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet.”

Jon Brett, Co-Founder 

Founders Case Study

Yoshimi and Jon continue to inspire and influence others with their passion for people and the planet. Recently they created a living building home that meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Read their case study here    


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