A model that simplifies the complex

By Louise

The simplicity of the model and the use of nature as a metaphor are key reasons people find it easy to understand and apply. They appreciate the straightforward language and how TetraMap refuses to 'box them in'.

Globally proven, culturally diverse

TetraMap helps us to simplify the complex. It uses metaphor to explore human nature and how we communicate , collaborate and connect with each other. From business problem to personal relationships and team collaboration, TetraMap has as a unique ability to reach all types of people, business, organisations, cultures and ages.   

This simple learning tool was developed in New Zealand Aotearoa over 20 years ago. Since then thousands of organisations worldwide have benefited from its simple, natural and elegant approach. Our process is globally successful and helps people learn together in fulfilling and long-lasting ways.   

We teach and facilitate discovery learning experiences. Tactile tools and active learning helps people understand themselves and others. They see how to use those differences for more positive discussions and stronger outcomes.   

We help our customers with:

  • An extremely high engagement factor that quickly raises self-awareness and awareness of others. Within 90 minutes, you’ll see barriers and silos breaking down, tolerance and understanding increase, and people solving business challenges together. 
  • A network of over 2000 Certified Facilitators worldwide. Identify someone local to help you address your particular need.  
  • A  globally proven TetraMap Facilitator Certification Training programme.    
  • Affordable participant resource materials. People begin to speak the same language quickly and without the need to deconstruct or interpret complex theories. 

The Creators

Yoshimi and Jon Brett created TetraMap to reduce conflict in the workplace. The couple looked to nature to create a learning experience that increases personal well-being and team cohesion.

Since 1995, their model has evolved from a model to an approach: a way of doing, thinking, feeling, and being that they hope benefits humanity and the planet.

This video shares their personal journey and what inspired them to create TetraMap.


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TetraMap has made an impact that goes above and beyond performance at a team level. The use of nature as a metaphor and the simplicity is one of the key reasons our people have so readily bought into it. TetraMap creates an excellent framework for more effective communication and collaboration. 
Jo Ring, Manager People and Culture, Wellington Zoo, NZ