Copyright guidelines

By TetraMap_Admin

Intellectual property and copyright are complex topics. Here are some simple do's and dont's. If in doubt, please ask.

TetraMap®– always use capital T and M and no spaces, except for the website link


You may:

  • Market yourself as a Certified TetraMap Facilitator on your own website and other visual media.
  • If you get our permission first, you may market offerings labelled “using TetraMap®” and use our logo – but you must include the text:
    Developed using TetraMap®, with permission from TetraMap International.TetraMap® is a trademark or a registered trademark of TetraMap International Limited. 
  • Write about the impact of TetraMap. For example, People quickly grasp the TetraMap concepts and start applying them to their own lives within an hour. (Don’t write about the actual TetraMap concepts – Earth is firm, Air is clear etc ) unless you get written permission from us first.)
  • Use the marketing tetrahedron, sales brochure and sales powerpoint to help you explain what TetraMap is and the benefits it provides. 
  • Ask us for access and permission to use the online Taster tool (at a conference for example) 

You may not:

  • Market offerings labelled “TetraMap Workshop/Training”etc., implying that your offerings originate from, or are endorsed by, TetraMap International.
  • Create your own workshop materials or activities using our Intellectual Property without discussion and prior approval from TetraMap International. We are open to co-creation and development, which will require an intellectual property agreement.
  • Explain in public, any of the content from any workbook and associated powerpoint eg WAYLT or use any TetraMap graphics other than the logos shown below unless each participant has a TetraMap workbook or you get written permission from us first.
  • If in any doubt, please ask. Thank you. 

Logo for your website


To use this logo on your website, copy this code. To adjust the size, edit the width setting in the code. Please include this statement TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries. 


For RGB, PMS etc click here


Headlines: Soho Gothic Pro – Light
Sub-heads: Soho Gothic Pro – Light
Body or content: Helvetica Neue LT Pro – 45 Light
Online:  Open Sans from google which comes in a variety of weights 

Logo for your email signature

You can add the following to your email signature. If you have set up a Certified Facilitator Profile, change the link to the URL for that page.

Certified TetraMap Facilitator

To save the logo to your computer, right-click on the image and select Save image as…

Download a large version of the TetraMap-certified logo here.


TetraMap Certified logo

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Other questions

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us.

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