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By Louise

You can't prove a metaphor, yet with over 20 years experience - we let our long standing and latest clients do the talking.

20 years in corporate and community.    

TetraMap was developed as a simple model which returns to Nature, fits in your hand and gives relevance to the Elements in real-life scenarios.  Success is based on the premise that the more relevant and enjoyable, the more applicable and ‘sticky’ the learning becomes. Facilitation focus is on creating more context and less content.  

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Proven across cultures and continents 

Our proven system raises self- and others’ awareness. It helps people understand how strength lies in valuing differences -in order to create more synergy and reduce conflict. It provides a common language for teams to discuss challenges, and illustrates how inter-dependence (growth mindset) can replace a silo mentality (fixed mindset).  

Several factors have contributed to this success:  

  • We are a unique values-based model with learning at the heart of what we do.     
  • TetraMap is not an expert system. It is a generic model that starts with self-awareness.  
  • Use of nature as a metaphor makes it easy to share stories, and provokes creativity in teams. 
  • The proven process of engaging learners is energising and easily scaled.  

“Completing the TetraMap exercise as part of the Senior Women in Leadership course has been a revelation. It has really helped me to identify my leadership strengths and preferences and given me a strong indication of what I need to look for in future roles. Since completing the exercise I have actively sought out relevant self-development opportunities, it has had a big effect on the way that I interact with colleagues at UCL and the wider industry.”
Participant on a UCL (University College of London)  Leadership enhancement programme


Hear what our other clients have to say.

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  • Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist, Change Dynamics, NZ

    “People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it
    more than anything else now.”

  • Sylvie Carter, Australia

    "The power of TetraMap is its simplicity to engage minds and optimise thinking for increased learning and collaboration."

  • Anna Bolton – Master TetraMap FacilitatorIt is a model, tool, framework and approach that will be with me for life. 

    I have been proudly associated with TetraMap® since early 2017 when I first became an Certified Facilitator.  In that time I have delivered the full range of TetraMap workshops to hundreds of people within the organisation I work at, and in partnership with some of my colleagues who are also Certified Facilitators.  The thing I love most about TetraMap is the simple and elegant way it helps people understand why they are the way there are and to really and genuinely understand that things work better when we value diversity and take a step back to see things from at least 4 different perspectives.  I have seen so many penny drop moments for people as I facilitate them through the TetraMap content.  It very genuinely is a tool that does more with less and helps to build peoples esteem and confidence.

    This is a programme that makes a difference.  It provides a safe and common language the enables people to understand themselves and others more, thus reducing negative self talk and interpersonal conflicts that can sometimes be so consuming.  If you are interested in learning more about how TetraMap can help your family, team, community group or organisation be better – you should connect with the team and arrange a time to talk.  You will not regret it.

     Personally I use TetraMap to help me gain clarity in all aspects of my life.  I have gained so much personal and professional value from applying and living it.  It is a model, tool, framework and approach that will be with me for life. 

     Anna Bolton

    Master TetraMap Facilitator – March 2021

“The content (TetraMap® workshop) had the right mix of theory, anecdotes and hands-on practice that served as a stimulating catalyst for revising personal traits and teamwork dynamics. Overall it was an excellent learning opportunity.”
Dr. Ivy Chan, Senior Lecturer, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), Hong Kong Community College (HKCC)