Certification Webinars and

By TetraMap_Admin

Throughout the year, we host a range of events and workshops for our ever-growing TetraMap community. These include:

Facilitator TrainingTetraMap Facilitator Certification 

if you are inspired by the TetraMap model and want to become a Certified TetraMap Facilitator, then this is the workshop foundational programme for you to begin your lifetime of learning journey with us! Offered both online and in-person, at various locations around the world.


Online workshops and interactive sessions that focus on specific subjects of interest. These are for everyone in our TetraMap community looking to learn new and inspiring ways that TetraMap can be applied.

Webinar ImageProfessional Development Workshops

In person or virtual sessions that focus on developing and deepening your TetraMap facilitation skills. These are for everyone in our TetraMap Facilitator community. They have the added bonus of enabling you to connect with and learn from each other, bringing shared experiences from around the globe and inspiring you to do more with the tools you already have.

You can find our full calendar of events here.

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