TetraMap and Climate Action

By Louise

For over 20 years we have embedded our value of sustainablility into all our business practices. Thankfully sustainability is now mainstream. From 2020 onwards our focus will shift towards taking Climate Action.

The Tetra Bottom Line

The Tetra Bottom line is an extension to the more well known triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit). Our decision to add Legacy reflects TetraMap’s philosophy of always finding at least four perspectives to any situation, concept, challenge or opportunity.  

In our business, we seek solutions that ensure our impacts on the Tetra Bottom Line are positive, ethical, and healthy.


All TetraMap publications are printed on 100% recycled paper. We believe it is vital to support the paper recycling industry regardless of how sustainably forests are managed.

Our current favourite is “Cocoon” which is also near-carbon-neutral as the paper is collected (in France) near the mill. All waste like the de-inking residue is closed-circuit, never leaving the site.

We print locally in the UK, USA, Mexico, and Singapore – and make facilitator resources downloadable wherever practical.

Digital Suite 

In 2017, we introduced a digital suite to offer as an alternative to paper-based products. This has wide appeal especially for geographically dispersed teams and saves time for those attending an in-person workshop by completing TetraMap’s instrument in advance.  


The digital version of the Bretts’ TetraMap Book: Develop people and business the way nature intended.

Personal and team commitment

We demonstrate our commitment at work and at home and encourage all our stakeholders to embrace sustainability.

We have an almost completely paper-free office and offer work-from-home options to reduce travel and transport.

Certified Facilitator Esther Buckholt wrote a beautiful blog post about her family. They have made an amazing commitment to Reinventing rubbish and reducing landfill.

TetraMap’s Founders 

Yoshimi and Jon Brett continue to inspire and influence others with their passion for people and the planet. Recently they created a living building home that meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Read their case study here    

Professional memberships

TetraMap is an active member of these professional organisations below. To find out more about these groups please click on the icons.



Sustainability and responsibility are key to TetraMap International’s values.

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We evaluate success from at least four perspectives

Sustainability is simply the midpoint between destruction
and restoration.
Paul Hawken – co-author of Natural Capitalism


TetraMap seeks restoration of individuals, teams, organisations, and communities.