Facilitator Certification

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Facilitation is from the Latin word facilis (easy to do, easy, literally do-able)
Facillitator Training
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Become a Facilitator

This course gives all new TetraMap facilitators the context, content and confidence to facilitate TetraMap and make it easy for learners to relax, engage, participate and learn.  

It provides a holistic, safe and shared learning experience with posters, colours, metaphors, activities, and music. We accelerate learning by DOING – because activities assist memory retention. 

Regardless of the delivery mechanism: face to face, virtual or blended, our team of Global Master TetraMap Facilitators know how to create memorable learning experiences. They model and set up structure and processes which can be easily replicated and adapted to the CONTEXT in which it is intended to be used by the facilitator. 

We offer both open and in-house programmes and provide a full resource pack so you are ready to go.

See what some of our diverse group of facilitators had to say about their reasons for becoming a facilitator and what they plan on using it for.


As an example:

“The greatest thing by far is to be a Master of Metaphor.
It is a sign of genius which implies an intuitive perception of the similarities in dissimilars.” Aristotle  

By exploring this quote together, participants begin to go deeper, and become more curious about their OWN similarities and dissimilars. This foundational learning experience within the first hour or two, is an example of an activity they can replicate with their own learners, which draws out the wisdom from the participants. 

We congratulate everyone on being genius’ ! This provides an opportunity to positively role model and reinforce one key TetraMap message ‘strength lies in valuing differences.’ It also stimulates and provokes creativity, illustrating there are many right answers to be found.  


Each of our 5 workbooks explores a different topic. Behaviour and communication, planning together for a bright future, working in inter-dependent teams and understanding the different nature of our customers. The course highlights activities facilitators can use to help make the workbook content ‘çome alive’ in the real world.

During the course of the facilitator certification programme,  the needs of the group will help us explore the value of the topics in each workbook.  TetraMap is NOT a one off wonder, nor is it another personality profiling tool.

IT IS a model-tool-framework- approach to help organisations, communities and teams simplify and make sense of things – especially inter-dependent relationships.


Ongoing Professional Development

One of our beliefs is that you can never learn less, you can only learn more.

To assist Certified TetraMap Facilitators to continue their learning journey we offer coaching, ongoing teach and learn webinars and live events throughout the year.

We learn and reflect together and from each other.

Most Certified TetraMap Facilitators love belonging to an international community doing great work in many different contexts around the world.

It’s inspiring, supportive, diverse, and generous. We’d love you to join us!    

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