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Here at TetraMap, we celebrate difference, we don’t put you in a box, and we lean into language that is simple, intuitive, and accessible to all.
Group in nature
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One of the questions we often get asked is what makes TetraMap different to other ‘personality profiling’ tools on the market? As a Certified TetraMap Facilitator, you’re likely be asked this too. 

You already know TetraMap IS NOT a personality profiling tool. Our focus is on helping people better understand themselves, and those around them in order to build stronger and more meaningful relationships and improve communication. We use the term preferences, not personality. 

How TetraMap is different

TetraMap addresses the specific needs of the people using it, through a trusted process, using catalytic questions to frame context, and the skill of the facilitator who draws from the wisdom of the group. It provides a common language that’s inclusive  – regardless of worldview, status, culture, or upbringing.

  • We do this by using a powerful metaphor that draws on nature.
  • It is intuitive rather than psychometric, and it stimulates curiosity to dive deeper, more quickly. 
  • The simplicity of our model means that we don’t overburden learners with content, we engage them with context. 
  • The experience is  ‘sticky’, playful and engaging, and uses language that everyone can understand.

“Helped me to appreciate the way we are and what each team member can contribute in their unique way to complete the team.”

Understanding inter-dependence 

A unique edge is learning about the concept of inter-dependence – meaning My Success Depends on Your Success.  This is a significant difference,  and is brought to life in a tactile and kinaesthetic way through a 3D shape – the tetrahedron, where there are no opposites.

TetraMap does NOT box people into categories. Instead, we recognise the fluidity of behaviour and communication, and that there are aspects of all four elements in each of us. This simple mindset shift is both powerful and empowering “I am responsible for the impact I have, and I can choose or flex depending on the context.”    

It is much more than a tool. It is a way of being, doing and thinking that celebrates what makes us different and unique.

TetraMap has been a game changer. It validates people, it enhances their self-esteem and most importantly, allows for difference to be seen as a significant team strength.
Ian Blackwell, Executive Coach and Team Facilitator. 

Why choose TetraMap?

There is no ‘right or wrong’ or ‘best and worst’ tool available on the market. They each have value, and serve a different purpose.

TetraMap is for those who are looking for something that:

  • is simple, memorable and easily applied
  • can be used daily and across different scenarios
  • uses safe, positive, and inclusive language
  • enables people to recognise themselves in all components of the model and not be pigeon-holed
  • is effective, affordable and engaging for all

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

Founders insight

TetraMap is just a map and we emphasise that any map is just an interpretation of reality –  and will always have some kind of bias. More 

Articles written by psychology professionals add further insight.

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