Our vision

By TetraMap_Admin

TetraMap’s vision is to reduce conflict and leverage diversity.


Wind Vane Waka
Jon’s wind-vane waka journeys toward the rainbow. (photo taken from Tanglewood deck)

To ensure we [humanity] grasp more opportunities for success.  

By reaching more people worldwide, we enable and support individuals, organisations and business to get the most out of their relationships. This leads to happier, healthier lives, homes and workplaces – and especially when we begin to understand the importance of inter-dependence.   

Communication and collaboration are skills rarely taught at school, college, or university. When young people learn and apply our approach, they grasp a broader worldview which enriches their lives and communities for longer. Put simply, TetraMap helps our youth to navigate the tricky waters of growing up in a modern world.


Our customers often tell us that what TetraMap provides is a common language, that’s non-judgemental, cross-cultural and multi-generational.

It’s a bridge to understanding and appreciating diversity, in a way that’s playful and curious, and always context-driven.  

People enjoy a learning experience using the metaphorical approach as a thinking habit to help them approach people and situations with more open minds and open hearts.  

It’s a simple question to ask: What is firm, clear, calm and bright about this person, situation, problem or challenge?
Asking questions that shift mindsets and catalyse positive change – is what our vision ‘reduce conflict and leverage diversity means in real life.  


TetraMap Founders explain the origins and legacy behind their creation

“TetraMap has had a life-changing influence on my perspective and values. It has put nature at the centre and given me the most valuable insight into other’s perspectives. It improved my life and relationships beyond what words can express.”

Join our tribe and help make the world a better place for the future. Be the change!  

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