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We share feedback from different types of stakeholders: Participants, Facilitators, and Organisations. Simple, sticky, and non-judgemental language are recurring comments.

Helping build our awesome GoodSense team as a happy remote working crew in last 7+ yrs Thank You!
Cath Dewar, GoodSense, NZ

TetraMap has had a life-changing influence on my perspective and values. It has put nature at the center and given me the most valuable insight into other’s perspectives. It improved my life and relationships beyond what words can express.
Brett Baker, Owner and Senior Consultant, MaxQ, NZ

TetraMap has been a game changer for AstraZeneca. It validates people, it enhances their self-esteem and most importantly, allows for difference to be seen as a significant team strength. 
Ian Blackwell, Executive Coach and Team Facilitator, Astra Zeneca, UK

“Completing the TetraMap exercise as part of the Senior Women in Leadership course has been a revelation. It has really helped me to identify my leadership strengths and preferences and given me a strong indication of what I need to look for in future roles. Since completing the exercise I have actively sought out relevant self-development opportunities, it has had a big effect on the way that I interact with colleagues at UCL and the wider industry.”
Participant on a UCL (University College of London)  Leadership enhancement programme

TetraMap has made an impact that goes above and beyond performance at a team level. The use of nature as a metaphor and the simplicity is one of the key reasons our people have so readily bought into it. 
Jo Ring, Manager People and Culture, Wellington Zoo, NZ

As a leadership development professional, including the specialized work I’ve done the last 6-8 years in coaching executives, I have rarely found an assessment with more resonance than TetraMap. The experience of learning about The Elements and their “stickiness” keeps people referencing their results and integrating their learning in the day-to-day realities of both professional and personal livelihoods.”
Marcy Levy Shankman, Ph.D. Certified TetraMap Facilitator, USA

The power of enabling a single person to view a problem from all 4 perspectives helps them realise they can easily flex their mindset and indeed their behaviour. 
James Farrow, Founder, Curium Solutions, UK

There are other similar tools to TetraMap however the standout feature for us is the simplicity of the concepts and the language enabling wide application and understanding.
Chris Sidwell, Head of HR, Inghams, NZ

TetraMap has very quickly become part of everyday life. It is a model that is easy to understand, follow, and apply, and feels so natural that it becomes second nature to think in TetraMap terms. 
Sally Clark, Group Accounts Director, Aztec NZ

The power of TetraMap is its simplicity to engage minds and optimise thinking for increased learning and collaboration. 
Sylvie Carter, Director, Mindscious Group, Australia

TetraMap is easy for people to understand, grasp, and start using in a short time. I’m amazed at its accuracy for what appears to be a reasonably simplistic analysis tool; the knowledge and conceptual component appears to be infinite. 
Jan Alley, Master TetraMap Facilitator, Director, NZ

What TetraMap has to offer is a common language that can be easily grasped, heightened self- and other-awareness, and individual value-add in specific contexts for expediency.
Wendy Yeo, psychologist formerly at Singapore Armed Forces

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  • Unknown – Facilitator

    "Explore multiple perspectives to understanding people, identify opportunities or solve problems"

  • Unknown – Facilitator

    "It helped me connect with all people better in every area of my life."

  • Markus Hornung, EQ Dynamics International

    "I was and am totally convinced by the holistic approach."

  • Sylvie Carter, Australia

    "The power of TetraMap is its simplicity to engage minds and optimise thinking for increased learning and collaboration."

  • Ben Long, Manager, BSkyB, UK

    "It’s a phenomenally powerful tool for managers to communicate more effectively with their team."

I always choose TetraMap as the model of behaviour because the feedback from participants consistently reflects a positive experience and extremely high application in the ‘real world’. It’s reassuring to be told how the experience has changed their lives for the better, both inside and outside of work.
Dan Masters
Elmfield Training, UK