Who studies with us?

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Large organisations and project teams. Individuals and families. Facilitators and leaders from multiple sectors.
Team Training
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We assist so many diverse people in different ways.

TetraMap International and its global team of Master TetraMap Facilitators provide Certification Courses across the globe both in person and virtually.

The programme is designed for participants who want to learn the art, skill and science of facilitation to create change. This includes understanding how TetraMap can support different groups, teams and leaders to achieve their goals.

“TetraMap has transformed my worldview and how I
interact with nature”
Individual Participant 

We share and practice a proven process that engages everyone, stimulates creativity, builds trust and deeper appreciation of each other. This programme demonstrates how simplicity beats complexity, and context beats content.

Facilitators leave with a deeper understanding of TetraMap and how to apply it in their own context. We frequently find the more diverse the group; the more impactful the programme.

We offer open programmes for individual coaches, facilitators working inside organisations, consultancies, government departments and educational institutions, who go on to use the model and tools in their own programmes. 

We also offer online events, self study courses, interactive webinars and learning programmes for the consumer. 

“It has given me an awareness of my elemental preferences and with that knowledge allowed me to bring the best out an individual.”
TetraMap Facilitator

Larger organisations may have a specific challenge or culture change they wish to address. They may choose to use TetraMap and its approach to roll out across the organisation and to help get buy in from the people. Here, the Certification Course may be in-house and tailored to focus on the organisation’s specific goals and needs.

Once Certified we provide ongoing professional development, stimulating articles and other forms of content, a community, and in time an opportunity to become a Master TetraMap Facilitator and part of our Global Citizenship Group.

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