Our core values

By TetraMap_Admin

“When we intentionally seek out the difficult tasks, we're much more likely to actually create value.” Seth Godin
Our Values
By Roman Odintsov on Pexels

We set out over 20 years ago to solve the difficult task of more peaceful communication and more powerful collaboration based on one simple premise. Understanding ourselves and valuing our differences.  

TetraMap Founders Jon and Yoshimi have environmental and educational passions. In creating TetraMap they began to help others understand how humanity can look to nature as a deep and meaningful source of wisdom. Along with nature’s key principles, the six values below have been at the heart of our all our facilitation, teaching and learning programmes. They guide how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis – both individually and as a business.


These six values underpin everything that we do, say and offer:

  • Sustainability: We are alert to the impacts of our behaviours, actions, and thoughts, working always toward sustainable solutions.
  • Transparency: We openly and honestly disclose information to keep things clean and clear.
  • Responsibility: We engender trust in self and others and accept accountability for our actions.
  • Inter-dependence: We demonstrate respect for diversity by finding ways to work collaboratively and synergistically with others.
  • Creativity: We proactively seek better solutions and peaceful outcomes.
  • Holism: We work knowing that everything is connected to everything.  

“My vision for TetraMap is world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet.”
Jon Brett, Co-Founder 


  • We are all part of nature.  We are connected and inter-dependent
  • We can all learn to do more with less. We must reduce waste; both human and environmental. 
  • Understanding how our differences and diversity add value to the whole is not yet taught in school. 
  • Leaders need simple tools applied daily to help others reach their potential.
  • Everyone has value. Being happy and fulfilled in your job impacts everything. 

We’re proud of the value we’ve created through the people we’ve reached and excited as there’s still much more to do.  


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