Why is the customer like that?

By TetraMap_Admin

Why is the customer like that? – the nature of sales and service

Improving sales and enhancing the customer experience

Here at TetraMap, we believe that strength lies in valuing difference. This includes fleeting or short-lived interactions, like those with customers in a sales or retail setting.

Our course ‘Why is the customer like that? – the nature of sales and service is designed to help you better understand your own nature and the nature of others around you. 

Why Is The Customer Like That

During the facilitated session, you will learn:

  • how to build rapport with your customers faster
  • how to talk about your product or service so that is appeals to each element
  • how to quickly identify and respond to individual customer needs
  • how a ‘team approach’ can enhance the customer experience
  • how to deal with a ‘challenging’ customer
  • how to deliver an effective sales pitch based on elemental preferences

At the end of the course, you will come away with a range of tools and strategies that will see your sales multiply, customer satisfaction increase, and a boost in team morale as your team develop a better understanding, and empathy, for why customers are the way that they are.

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They will work with you to ensure the programme meets your specific needs and will bring dynamism, excitement, energy and playfulness to the session.

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