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Develop people and business the way nature intended
by Yoshimi and Jon Brett

Do you know someone that you want to understand better and to know what makes them tick?
If you’ve ever caught yourself asking, “Why are you like that?” or “Why don’t we see the same picture?”, look inside – this book may be for you!

TetraMap answers these questions and more, with a simple and heart-felt solution for understanding your nature and the nature of others.

You’ll gain personal insights through stories about how people have shifted mindsets by understanding their own and others’ communication preferences. Simply designed to reduce conflict and enhance relationships in families as well as contribute to high-performing teams in organisations and companies. 

With the help of metaphors and nature, TetraMap  offers quick mind-shift change that will transform the way you view and relate with others. It will help enhance the dynamics of any team or group that you are involved in. Learning is sticky, memorable and meaningful. 

Our promise – strength lies in valuing our differences –  will support you to create stronger relationships by celebrating your uniqueness and valuing our natural diversity. 



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“This book changed my practice as a consultant. It is a book that I review quite often. If you want to get off the beaten path of models for organisational development, this book is for you!”

by Alejandro Villarreal, Certified Facilitator, Mexico