TetraMap Taster Event "Why are you like that" - Washington D.C., April 2017

Join Dan Entwistle and the team at Curium Solutions, USA to discover what makes TetraMap unique and have a go of the digital TetraMap Taster to find out what makes you tick. read more  

CLIMATE CHANGE – Do you think twice before you fly?

TetraMap Co-Founder Jon Brett supports Million Meter Streams NZ Project in conjunction with the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network featured in SBN's enews. “I emphasised that is a discipline to value the environment equally as much as we value international travel, and to demonstrate that financially dollar for dollar.” read more

TetraMap Facilitator Certification - 2017 Global Calendar

"Immerse yourself in a journey of discovery and learning."

Becoming a TetraMap facilitator is more than just adding another string to your bow.

TetraMap certification will give you underpinning knowledge, enhanced facilitation skills, and a complete resource kit. You'll gain a life-long learning tool, a superb thinking framework, and become part of a global community of like-minded professionals.

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