The nature of planning

Create a vision and strategy that is engaging and doable for all levels of your organisation. Once the vision is clear and the strategies set, commitment to delivery will be the team's key to success. 

This comprehensive workbook will show you how planning as a team taps into the added value of diversity. By putting these natural strengths and preferences into the process, you can start to explore what's needed and wanted for success and create momentum to move forward.

Copyright TetraMap - Why are we doing this? workbookParticipants will:

  • Delve deeper into TetraMap as a framework for planning and strategising.
  • Use Elemental diversity to contribute faster and more effectively to the planning process.
  • Create compelling short and long-term visions that strategically address outputs, systems, culture, and image.

What's included in the resources?

This 26-page participant workbook contains the TetraMap instrument, explanation of the model, and process that will engage every person in the room to plan for the future together. Each workbook comes with a folding tetrahedron and sticker. A Leader Guide offers the trainer a step-by-step process with follow-on suggestions and templates to make a shared vision a reality.


Decisions: Should you read this?

We all make hundreds - or even thousands, maybe millions - of them a day. What to have for lunch? How to answer a question? What to watch on TV? Whether to keep reading a blog. But how do we make these decisions? It's not surprising that so many great minds have pondered this question over the ages, since decision making is so fundamental to our species. Let's just focus on the decisions we make in our work lives. These are the decisions that define our success or failure as professionals. READ MORE >


Discover how the TetraMap of Planning can transform your business decisions: contact us or get in touch with a facilitator in your region. We also offer in-house certification courses so you can accredit your own internal trainers.


Having extensively studied strategic management and planning, I have to say I was profoundly surprised by the new dimension that TetraMap can bring to a strategic development process.

T Hall, CEO
Local government, NZ

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