The nature of behaviour

The Why are you like that? workbook is a great first step to understanding TetraMap. It starts by helping individuals understand themselves before starting to grasp the diversity of others. 

By introducing an easy-to-use, memorable model based on nature, this workbook will help individuals respect their natural behaviour and appreciate what others bring to a situation - the first step towards positive change.

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Participants will:

  • Use metaphor to explore their own nature.
  • Discover the nature of others and why they are the way they are.
  • Create a communication action plan to engage and connect with the four Elements .  
  • Learn about the properties of tetrahedron, and apply meaning to this structurally sound shape.  
  • Practise strategies to reduce conflict and build effective relationships.
  • Understand TetraMap as a framework for sustained behavioural and performance improvement.

What's included in the resources?

This 26-page participant workbook contains the TetraMap instrument, an explanation of the model, valuable exercises, and communication tips. Each workbook comes with a folding tetrahedron and sticker. A Leader Guide offers the trainer a step-by-step process including tips to engage learners, quotes, music suggestions, and follow-on activities.

Jan Alley worked with us to introduce TetraMap into our business, and very quickly it has become part of everyday life. It is a model that is easy to understand, follow, and apply, and feels so natural that it becomes second nature to think in TetraMap terms. We use the language often in everyday meetings to help steer ourselves in the right path and in more formal ways, such as to prepare feedback, coaching, and to communicate effectively. I can honestly say that we have gained from using TetraMap in our business and we will continue to grow our team's use and understanding of the tool. 

Sally Clarke, Group Accounts Director
Aztec NZ Limited, NZ

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After learning and using very complex models, I have found in TetraMap a simple method to deal with the complexities of human behaviour, with the added benefit that the whole process uses a map that allows one to follow a path that, in my 25 years of experience, I had never considered could be there.

Rafael Moreno Romero

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