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By TetraMap_Admin - October 29, 2020

By understanding the preferred natural behaviours – of me and others ~ even with complete strangers – brilliantly helps navigate all sorts of situations.

Published with permission from INZIDE EDGE

The TetraMap® tool is one of our favourite tools to use every day. Heavens, let’s make that every 5 minutes of every day!

By understanding the preferred natural behaviours – of me and others ~ even with complete strangers – brilliantly helps navigate all sorts of situations. Playing with this, we’ve deepened the tool even more to make a huge impact on every type of conversation, especially when combined with a magical coach-blend + emotional awareness.

Here’s an insight into how this brilliant TetraMap® tool can help you create uplifting conversations.

Inzide Edge
published with permission from Inzide Edge

# 1 Know my natural preferences

One fundamental factor is how well we know ourselves. Knowing myself better creates huge awareness shifts. I get to learn which natures spring to the front in different situations. Developing this insight, I find myself making more conscious choices around which TetraMap natures to turn the volume up on so I’m responding, and which ones to turn the volume down so I avoid reacting.

# 2 Learn other’s preferences

Expanding my knowledge with the TetraMap tool, it’s easy to transition from looking at myself to now noticing others. Sensing their natural preferences, I can guide and navigate conversations in a totally new light. It quickly becomes clear why I feel instantly connected with some, especially those who share my natural preferences and how easy it is to distance myself from others, especially those who have different nature styles. Creating this spark of awareness is everything!

# 3 Understand what I can do to connect with others better

Connecting the dots here means I can always flex my style to make an even greater connection. Having a chat and/or meeting with someone who is high in Earth and Air natures, I can prepare ahead of time utilising healthy tactics until this becomes 2nd nature all the time. There is nothing like the thrill of sensing they feel safe and connected through conversations that are direct, detailed and goal orientated … because that’s what they cherish most.

Now, let’s say I catch up with a friend whose Water and Fire elements are high. It makes sense to flow naturally chatting to and asking powerful questions about feelings, dreams and their loved ones, all so I can create a deeper connection.

With simple shifts like these, it’s easier to take conversations to another level regardless if we share similar nature preferences … or not.

Inzide Edge
Published with permission from Inzide Edge

# 4 Learn what questions are most powerful for each nature

Bringing out the best and empowering everyone I chat with is gold, especially knowing the best open questions to ask that are those specific to their natural preferences.

At a glance, easily understanding another’s nature’s, it can also be easy to identify where their strengths lie. At the same time I can ask questions about their feelings, thoughts, actions, details, imagination or outcomes ~ all based on their natural preferences.

There’s something about having them feel empowered and connected, all because I understand and can happily flex my style to match theirs that makes a greater connection!

# 5 Bring together a whole conversation

Along with asking empowering questions, I’m also able to build on the skill of sensing where the conversation will go based on their top Natures.

Someone who is high in Fire is likely to spend more time focused on creative solutions and naturally using their imagination to souse out cool outcomes. Their natural tendency will not be to spend time on details nor step by step plans or reasoning.

Knowing this, I can quietly navigate and hold the structure of the conversation so these areas are covered with ease. I can also bring them onto other paradigms where their natural elements are not naturally drawn to. At the same time, guide them to add something new to their creative ideas and imaginative world.

Simply … coming to know myself plus understand others this way develops and heightens my emotional intelligence.

Inzide Edge
Published with permission from Inzide Edge
Bringing these remarkably easy tools into any conversation uplifts and creates a world of difference. There is something very exciting about quickly connecting on a deep level to bring about exciting outcomes for everyone.

True power is the realisation we are all meant to be collaborative!

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