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The TetraMap advantage

With 18 years of experience in organisations of all shapes and sizes around the world, TetraMap’s robust methodology has a proven track record. More than 700 people in 20 different countries have already been certified to use the TetraMap model, delivering tangible business results over a hugely diverse range of industries and teams.

Founded by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, TetraMap is an international publisher and supplier of high-quality training resources for individual, team, and organisational development. The company’s principles, resources, programmes, and courses reflect what we can learn from Nature, helping to build resilient, sustainable organisations and communities. At TetraMap, we evaluate success from four perspectives: People, Planet, Profit, and Legacy.

TetraMap_TetraBottomLineOur values

TetraMap’s values underpin everything that we do, say, and offer.

  • Sustainability: We are alert to the impacts of our behaviours, actions, and thoughts, working always toward sustainable solutions. READ MORE >
  • Transparency: We openly and honestly disclose information to keep things clean and clear.
  • Responsibility: We engender trust in self and others and accept accountability for our actions.
  • Inter-dependence: We demonstrate respect for diversity by finding ways to work collaboratively and synergistically with others.
  • Creativity: We proactively seek better, value-add solutions and achieve peaceful outcomes.
  • Holism: We work knowing that everything is connected to everything.
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