Adding the eBook to your device

By TetraMap_Admin


Download the zip file to your computer.

Unzip / double-click the file. It will contain two files:

  • EPUB file: develop_people_and_business_the_way_nature_intended.epub
  • MOBI file:

Computer or laptop


Email the file to your Kindle (recommended) or connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable and copy the MOBI file into your “documents” folder.

iPad or iPhone

Drag the EPUB from your desktop onto the iPhone or iPad’s icon in iTunes. It’ll copy to your iBooks library automatically.


Connect your Nook to your computer with the USB cable and copy the EPUB file into the “My Documents” folder on your Nook.

Sony Reader

  • If adding via normal methods doesn’t work, download Calibre.
  • Add the EPUB to Calibre and tell it you want to convert the EPUB to EPUB (it will let you do this). Then in the appropriate conversion section, choose your Sony device’s profile out of the list.
  • Or add the MOBI file to Calibre. Delete any copies of the EPUB file in there. Sync to device. Calibre will want to convert to EPUB, let it.


We recommend the Aldiko reader.

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