Advanced workshops

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Build capability, sustain learning

After the energy created at a WAYLT workshop, we’re often asked: “What’s next?”

These advanced workshops take learning further, deeper, broader, and introduce the premise that TetraMap is, in fact, a framework and approach, not only a model or a tool. Your Certified TetraMap Facilitator can provide advice and guidance.


To keep learning fresh and alive our eLearning programme is perfect. Fast-paced and interactive, it is relevant for day-to-day business situations, such as meetings, coaching, and presentations. It’s easy to use, go back to time and again, and valuable to reinforce important TetraMap principles and concepts.



Why are we like that? The nature of team

The next step is team building to move towards building stronger, more capable, inter-dependent teams. This programme, up to two days in length, is guaranteed to get everyone in the same metaphorical boat and paddling towards mutually agreed goals.

  • Practise strategies and tactics to build structurally sound, efficient, high-performance teams
  • Explore how team dynamics serve or hinder performance and learn to work more inter-dependently.
  • Use TetraMap for team building and to ensure team sustainability by focusing on goals, rules, values, team spirit.

Why is the customer like that? The nature of sales and service

For most, the customer comes at the forefront of all business decisions and must be given top priority. The essence of this workshop is to re-learn about your customer: their needs, your products and services, and how to approach each by considering multiple perspectives.

  • Learn how personal nature can improve sales and service outcomes.
  • Explore the value-added nature of your products and/or services and improve sales and service; create a win/win from every sales event!
  • Apply teamwork as a competitive edge.

Why are we doing this? The nature of planning

Planning, strategising, and thinking ahead are all part of business as usual. You’ll experience using TetraMap as a thinking framework, a simple and valuable process that uses both sides of our amazing brains.

  • Discover the nature of your team-mates.
  • Create snapshots of the future from four different perspectives.
  • Integrate diverse views into a shared vision and holistic, sustainable planning.

See our case studies for how TetraMap has helped clients in many ways.

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Why are we like that?

The success I have had working with teams and the feedback we have had is second to none. TetraMap has helped establish teams that have been through a massive amount of change. It has re-energised flagging teams where there has been an element of conflict.

Learning and Development Manager
Astra Zeneca, UK

Why is the customer like that?

TetraMap helped me to see things from the customer’s point of view so I could understand more about what they wanted. It enabled me to mirror the customer and build better rapport and, more importantly, trust.

Emma Harvey, Customer Consultant
Nationwide Building Society (see case study)

Why are we doing this?

Having extensively studied strategic management and planning, I have to say I was profoundly surprised by the new dimension that TetraMap can bring to a strategic development process.

T Hall, CEO
Local Government, NZ