By Louise

Here's a quick help for those short on time. This covers where to place an order, find downloadable resources and other useful stuff.

Where to find content on the new web site

We arranged the content into a few main sections, and made a more logical grouping of content:

  • Resources – Here you will find the products you can buy and the information pertaining to them.
  • Learning Pathway – You will find information on courses and MTF certification.
  • Facilitator Tips –  Is where you find help guides, downloadable resources, Catalytic questions and videos.
    It also holds important information on TetraMap Copyright and Brand Guidelines.
  • News – is your access to all news articles, podcasts, and occasional announcements.
  • Contact – is our online contact form and includes contact numbers for TetraMap worldwide.

As we add further content we will stay with the structured organisation and grouping of content, so you’ll always know where to find things. 

Where things have moved from and to 

Making a purchase 

1) The first thing you want to know is to find the products you buy.  (Previously this was in My Tetra as shown below.) 

1) This has moved to Resources > Available products in the new site (as shown below).   

Downloadable Resources 

2)  The next thing you want to know is where have the downloadable resources moved to?   (Previously in My Tetra as shown below.) 

2) This has moved to Facilitator Tips > Shared Resources in the new site (as shown below). 

Product Information 

3)  If you are looking for the product information  (Previously in My Tetra as shown below.)  

3) This has moved to Resources section >  Information as shown below) 

Change Country 

4) If you need to change your country when purchasing, or you have moved country it is still located in the header. (Previously as shown below.) 

4) However, now it looks like an Icon of the world (as shown below) 

Profile settings 

5) Finally, your profile settings and other information have changed slightly. (previously located as seen below.)

5) It is still located in the header. Now located in My Profile button on the right of the screen

Drop Down Menus

Any heading with a downward pointing arrow means there are sub-menus as shown below. 

We hope this helps you get around our new site and hope you enjoy exploring.
If you find any bugs or fixes please let us know through our contact us page.


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