Bespoke, Tailored, Unique

By TetraMap_Admin

Certified TetraMap Facilitators are trained to focus on context - creating conditions for unique, personalised learning experiences.

It’s all about context

Whatever the nature of your business, your people and challenges are unique. 

  • You want to bring a leadership team from around the region together.
  • Perhaps it is a group of individuals with a common purpose who need to collaborate more. 
  • You need to engage with different cultures and a range of contexts. 
  • You’re considering how to include a range of topics such as health and wellness, coaching conversations and psychological safety in one event.   
  • You have decided that an active retreat for a team or organisation is the way to appreciate and value each other. 
  • Is a bespoke Intellectual Property agreement the right option to integrate TetraMap further into organisational culture?   


There are many variables in designing such a programme or event.  We can bring together facilitators with different skills and expertise who can work to meet your needs, or discuss the value of an Intellectual Property agreement with you.    

Co-founder Jon Brett explains further … 

TetraMap’s strength lies in its simplicity, use of metaphor, ability to engage, and applicability over time and across a range of scenarios or workplace situations. Thinking in metaphors is a naturally creative process, and the holistic nature of TetraMap ensures consideration of multiple perspectives instead of a polarising, strengths-and-weaknesses, black-and-white approach.

The Institute’s ability to seemingly effortlessly celebrate cultural diversity is seen globally as a key to its success. Ruhia has made it her mission to align TetraMap with an indigenous perspective. 
Ruhia King, is a Master TetraMap Facilitator from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. 

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TetraMap is an efficient mental model for mass application across various population and genres, given its intuitive reference to nature’s elements. What TetraMap has to offer is a common language that can be easily grasped, heightened self- and other-awareness, and individual value-add in specific contexts for expediency.
Wendy Yeo, psychologist formerly at Singapore Armed Forces