Changing the language of business

Telefónica is a global brand that was in need of an engaging tool to accelerate team development when gathering employees from all corners of the world. TetraMap became its solution and has since become a company-wide model for ongoing team strategising, building, and conversations.

About Telefonica

Telefónica UK is one of the businesses within Telefónica Global – one of the largest digital communications companies in the world with over 300 million customers and 300,000 employees spanning 26 different countries. Telefónica operates a variety of commercial brands globally to represent its mobile, landline, internet, and television telecommunications services. These brands include Movistar in Spain and Central and South America, O2 in Europe and Vivo in Brazil. In the UK, Telefónica employs approximately 7500 staff members. The company aims to be “the most trusted provider of brilliant digital experiences for our customer”.


TetraMap becomes an ongoing tool

TetraMap was originally introduced to Telefónica at the leadership development programme in Barcelona in January 2012. It has since become integrated into Telefónica UK to maintain consistency across the business. Last year, 20 employees within the UK Learning and Development department of Telefónica became Certified TetraMap Facilitators. As a result, over 400 employees have attended TetraMap workshops to date. The model continues to engage individuals by helping them with team building, new team formation, reducing conflict, and managing and leading others. Moving forward, TetraMap will also be used as a key component in Performance Coaching and Managing Change.


How Telefónica saw change

  • The Finance Leadership team has taken key actions in response to client feedback to activate its Water Element to better engage stakeholders and seek collaboration.
  • The Change Deliveries team experienced many “lightbulb” moments using TetraMap, leading them to have more open and meaningful conversations.
  • The language of TetraMap has become a part of day-to-day conversations particularly with the People Change and Senior Communications Teams


Changing the conversation

Simon Pocock, Senior Leadership Development Consultant and member of the Leadership Development team, has noted that TetraMap has continued value as employees use the model regularly in team meetings and discussions. “The People Change team have already committed to bringing TetraMap discussions back into their team meeting, having already gone through the instrument. Often with profiling tools, people enjoy the experience, leave the room and then forget about it. Not so with People Change – it’s had enough of an impact that they have mentally committed to continue working with it as a team,” he said. Amongst other teams, Pocock has seen the tool being used as a platform of understanding that provides a common language to recognize differences. “As part of a wider team event, the Senior Communications Team found the tool a fabulous way to begin understanding and appreciating other’s preferences and they still use the language in their day-to-day conversations,” he adds.


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Often with profiling tools, people enjoy the experience, leave the room and then forget about it. Not so with People Change – it’s had enough of an impact that they have mentally committed to continue working with it as a team.

Simon Pocock, Senior Leadership Development Consultant

We’ve completed the TetraMap sessions with all of the Change Delivery team (over 40 people). The first session was for our leadership team. It was so valuable and we gained such interesting insights into both ourselves and each other. I was really keen that all of our team got to experience it. For me personally, the leadership session gave me an opportunity to understand why I do some of the things I do and how I can help people to get the best out of me.

Alison Hutton, Head of Business Change Delivery, Customer Service

To date I’ve facilitated 24 TetraMap sessions since being accredited in June 2013, each session bringing different learning and understanding. I’ve witnessed some momentous “lightbulb” moments which make my day. The biggest win for me with TetraMap is that it’s just so applicable in the workplace, delegates remember their preferences and are still having discussion about it six months down the line.

Ally Wightman, Senior Leadership Development Consultant