Certification will:

  • enrich your understanding of facilitation and enhance your skills
  • show you how to integrate TetraMap into Organisational Development programmes
  • build confidence to effectively and easily facilitate TetraMap
  • strengthen your work and personal relationships and widen your network of inspiring, supportive people
  • give you tools, techniques, and stories to start your TetraJourney
  • explore how TetraMap becomes a valuable life-long learning tool and thinking framework


Master TetraMap Facilitator Martin Coburn leading a workshop

Day 1

  • Course objectives, outcomes, and significance
  • TetraMap’s vision, values, and the Tetra Bottom Line
  • Experience Why are you like that? as a participant
  • Debrief the process as a facilitator: The whys and hows of facilitating the WAYLT activity
  • Extend the application to go further, deeper, faster
  • Highlight how to create context significant to your content delivery
  • Master drawing TetraMap icons and practise “TetraMapping”
  • Discover TetraMap’s link to responsibility and other concepts
  • The TetraMap of Learning: a framework to enhance programme / instructional design and improve debriefing skills
  • Homework: approximately 45 minutes to review the Leader Guide and consider the day’s activity

Day 2

  • Overnight Ahas and your questions
  • Reaching ALL your learners in any facilitation/training situation
  • Creating Catalytic Questions: understanding and practising the skill of asking questions to catalyse learning
  • Practise, practise, practise: working on specific, relevant WAYLT application
  • Gems and Opportunities: debriefing opportunities for improvement and development
  • Review meaning and purpose of keys as anchors
  • TetraMap is a model, tool, framework and approach
  • Understanding the significance of the TetraMap Approach as an integration strategy
  • TetraMap: a complete range
  • Explore the specific application of the different TetraMap workbooks:
    Why Are We Like That? – The nature of high-performance teamwork
    Why Are We Doing This? – A collaborative and innovative approach to planning
    Why Is The Customer Like That? – Sales & service performance with internal and external customers
    My Nature, Your Nature – Young adults and non-business context ( focuses on the development of non-business-oriented leadership and self-esteem building)
  • Looking forward to a bright future with TetraMap and your new global network
  • Supporting you and exploring the website (review of downloadable resources)
  • Closure and celebration