Certification course outline

By TetraMap_Admin

Certification will:

  • enrich your understanding of facilitation and enhance your skills
  • show you how to integrate TetraMap into Organisational Development programmes
  • build confidence to effectively and easily facilitate TetraMap
  • strengthen your work and personal relationships and widen your network of inspiring, supportive people
  • give you tools, techniques, and stories to start your TetraJourney
  • explore how TetraMap becomes a valuable life-long learning tool and thinking framework


Master TetraMap Facilitator Martin Coburn leading a workshop

Day 1

  • Course objectives, outcomes, and significance
  • TetraMap’s vision, values, and the Tetra Bottom Line
  • Experience Why are you like that? as a participant
  • Debrief the process as a facilitator: The whys and hows of facilitating the WAYLT activity
  • Extend the application to go further, deeper, faster
  • Highlight how to create context significant to your content delivery
  • Master drawing TetraMap icons and practise “TetraMapping”
  • Discover TetraMap’s link to responsibility and other concepts
  • The TetraMap of Learning: a framework to enhance programme / instructional design and improve debriefing skills
  • Homework: approximately 45 minutes to review the Leader Guide and consider the day’s activity

Day 2

  • Overnight Ahas and your questions
  • Reaching ALL your learners in any facilitation/training situation
  • Creating Catalytic Questions: understanding and practising the skill of asking questions to catalyse learning
  • Practise, practise, practise: working on specific, relevant WAYLT application
  • Gems and Opportunities: debriefing opportunities for improvement and development
  • Review meaning and purpose of keys as anchors
  • TetraMap is a model, tool, framework and approach
  • Understanding the significance of the TetraMap Approach as an integration strategy
  • TetraMap: a complete range
  • Explore the specific application of the different TetraMap workbooks:
    Why Are We Like That? – The nature of high-performance teamwork
    Why Are We Doing This? – A collaborative and innovative approach to planning
    Why Is The Customer Like That? – Sales & service performance with internal and external customers
    My Nature, Your Nature – Young adults and non-business context ( focuses on the development of non-business-oriented leadership and self-esteem building)
  • Looking forward to a bright future with TetraMap and your new global network
  • Supporting you and exploring the website (review of downloadable resources)
  • Closure and celebration
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Rowena explains the value of TetraMap and how it is relatable to Maori and Pasifika people. 

The course was fun, engaging, challenging, and rewarding. TetraMap will enrich your personal and professional lives.

Rustle Freeman, Education Leader, Edumazing, Australia

It really was the best course I have ever been on. It was so inspiring and enjoyable, and I had more ‘aha’ moments than ever before!

Christine Walkley, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, UK

The first time I facilitated TetraMap, the resources available are so great that I felt very confident going into the session.

Denise Carter, Director, People Matter, NZ

“People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it more than anything else now.”

Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist, Change Dynamics, NZ

“I love being able to use TetraMap to influence the people around me. Understanding the best way to facilitate people of different preferences is a really powerful way to ensure everyone gets a personal journey that works for them.

Andy Scrase Telefonica UK