Coaching to your nature

By TetraMap_Admin

With the wave of Millennials coming through organisational culture is changing-up. The way we manage our organisations and the way we manage people is being challenged to shift to a healthier place. Deep inside we know more is possible. We long for soulful workplaces. We devour authentic cultures and a team | community that has passion and purpose.

We fully recognise emotional intelligence when it’s present and how this needs to lead the way into powerful creativity and collaboration. Intellectualising our way into EI is not cutting it anymore. Bring TetraMap into this fresh mix and it’s cracking the code moving people away from a transactional way of doing business and into being transformational.

It’s stepping us fully into who we are being so we can make the biggest difference and resonate with our calling. It’s demanding we work, live and play on purpose and to our Why. It’s about bridging gender diversity and leadership.

It’s now requiring us to know which TetraMap Nature needs to be at the fore at any given part of our conversations – flexing our natures from the inside – to bring about the best and for the collective good. It’s asking us all to step up into a place of LeadingEdge Leadership.

brett baker

Enter Coaching to Your Nature and this NZ bred TetraMap programme that has come into its own embracing emotional intelligence blended with the TetraMap elements. A powerful combination. This programme and workbooks have taken on a big revision and a new look. You will find facilitators and workshop participants will both revel in eye-opening growth and awareness this simple, no rocket-science programme offers.

This is an ideal opportunity to –

– focus on your self-management and self-awareness

– understand how you contribute to high-lining on a good day and low-lining on a bad day

– bring about and sustain a work culture that thrives

– contribute to your community with passion and purpose

This workshop is guaranteed to create a healthy belief and behavioural shifts. Because time is needed to sleep on these, this interactive programme has been extended to 1.5 days. (Louise, can’t move to 2 full days if you need – without those notes can’t remember the final decision we made)

Pilot programme for NZ – Tue 4 Sep and Wed 5 Sep

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