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– International Women’s

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Adding value to professional and personal development for all. With participants from 17 counties, the topic of minimising language is pervasive and global.
The recording of JoAnn is life changing and inspirational!

A powerful community event 

In celebration of International Women’s Day we were joined by international communications expert JoAnn Lauterbach.

JoAnn specialises on the impact of minimising language – something that affects many women in the workplace. Her expertise will raise your awareness, help you make change, and give you something to share with others. 

  • How often do you justify yourself by using the word “Just”? “Just wanted to ask..”,
  • How often do you use qualifiers before sharing an idea? “I’m no expert at this but…”,
  • How often do you apologize unnecessarily or soften your speech? “I’m sorry to bother you with this..”



When you get the chance I recommend you watch the recording of JoAnn. Life changing and inspirational! 
Kararaina McLean. 

Thanks very much for this and the excellent resources from JoAnn. This was another excellent session that you so generously and professionally facilitated. Absolutely world class😊!
Trish Lui.


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