Congratulations to Allyson Fay
– our newest Master TetraMap

By TetraMap_Admin - October 25, 2018

A huge congratulations to Allyson Fay from 02 in the UK, on becoming a Master TetraMap Facilitator. It is an outstanding achievement and we are thrilled to celebrate her success! 

Ally says her MTF journey was challenging, rewarding, and full of discovery learning. Her excellent project; Equal opportunity for Leaders in O2?  identified new insights through some surprising  Elemental data.    

“I’m delighted to have now completed my Master TetraMap Facilitators programme, it’s been an incredibly enjoyable journey and I’ve learnt lots along the way.

Completing the programme has given me the opportunity to use TetraMap to help with a complex organisational challenge – my project reflected how TetraMap can bring diversity, synergy and inter-dependence to a large organisation such as O2, and in doing so has deepened my own understanding about how TetraMap can really make an impact.  

I’ve managed to look at our Organisation not just from a cross-generational, cross-cultural, gender diverse perspective, but I’ve also been able to measure another layer of transformational diversity, that has given greater understanding across the organisation and new opportunities from the insight.”

Allyson will be hosting a Teach and Learn Webinar next year! 

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Allyson Fay, Employee Experience & Engagement Manager, Telefonica O2, UK