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Registered Trademark

TETRAMAP® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and many other countries.


All TetraMap publications are copyright TetraMap International and reproduction may be done only with prior written permission.


We do not permit photocopying or sharing of Workbook materials under any circumstance.

Scanning and storing

Not permitted unless our permission in writing is obtained. The exception is materials provided via download; these may only be shared with other decision-makers in your own organisation.

Use of the word TetraMap®

Always use capital T and M, and no spaces, except for the website link

If you use the word TetraMap®, you must include the registered trademark symbol and the statement:
TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in NZ and other countries

The Instrument

Photocopying of the instrument (the questionnaire in the Workbooks) is not permitted, and all completed instruments must be returned to us.

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Other questions

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us.