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Transformation to the digital world is ongoing at an exciting pace. We share a series of webinars developed for our TetraMap Community with experts and practitioners.

Digital Transformation 

Like most businesses, transformation to the digital world is ongoing at exciting pace. When we launched the Digital Suite of products back in 2017, we were uncertain if facilitators would buy it. You did and your feedback was very encouraging. Thank you. 

We held a series of webinars to share and explain the functionality and mechanics of the TetraPanel, and we realised an appetite for further learning existed. You responded and we received a lot of great questions.
Here we continue to share those recordings for facilitators wanting to learn more about digital trends and delivery.  

TetraMap Digital Suite
Scroll down for information on the TetraPanel and a complimentary trial pack of TetraMap digital tokens .  

Building your digital facilitation skills – by Anne Clews and Louise Duncan


Building Your Digital Facilitation Skills! Slides

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Recording: here

Video Links: Scroll to the bottom of this page 

Digital Trends for 2018 and beyond – by Madelize Bekker and Corene Walker 


Digital Trends for 2018 and beyond - Slides

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Recording: here


Madelize’s Video Links: 

10 Tech Trends To Watch In 2018

Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2018 The symphonic enterprise


Digitally engaging your audience – Louise Duncan and Anne Clews 


Digitally engaging your audience - Slides

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Recording:  here


Why go digital? 7th November 2017, hosted by Louise Duncan and Anne Clews 


Why go digital? - Slides

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Recording:  here 


Digital Suite – TetraPanel 

Getting started  – TetraPanel

The Digital Suite is delivered via an online portal, TetraPanel. This enables Facilitators to set-up and manage participant groups. Participants will be able to complete the online instrument and receive their individual report and workbook digitally. (Workbooks are included in Team and Webinar).

Click here to get started with creating your TetraPanel login

If you would like a complimentary trial pack of TetraMap digital tokens please get in touch.  

Video Tutorials

“Be curious about all fields; the future belongs to those who can connect creativity with technology.” 
Walter Isaacson, Writer 

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Thank you this is great. Love being part of the TetraMap family
Francine Brooks, Engage PD Ltd, UK 

This is just great and perfect timing, Literally only last week I was saying to my business partner ‘I need TetraMap to go online!’ and voila!
Sara Ballinger, Managing Partner, The Daisy Gray Partnership, UK 

Used the digital tool for the first time – loved it
Jan Alley, Master TetraMap Facilitator, Auckland, New Zealand 

Great session looking forward to utilising this tool more
Judy Ripia, Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Auckland, New Zealand 

TetraPanel really helps, we are already using it in Face to Face facilitation, it enables me to tailor to the needs of the participants and the activities we conduct Murugaiyen Valluvan, Certified TetraMap Facilitator, Singapore 

Finally got the chance to review the recording of the recent webinar. Wow – so, so, good in terms of information and the new context of the digital world. Really stimulating. All three contributions were excellent – and dovetailed so well together.
Robyn Walshe, Master TetraMap Facilitator and Consultant at Davidson Kemp, Australia 

I finally got my head around the online TetraMap Digital Suite, tried it myself and I absolutely love it! So simple to use and fabulous presentation of the results including the TetraMap workbooks. When I do get started with my new business this will be my number one tool! Thank you to all involved in enabling the Instrument to be accessible online. I am so excited about the opportunities this now presents. 
Sue Schoormans, International HR, Career & Intercultural Professional,  Europe