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TetraMap is working with the principals, staff, and senior students of several schools to help support them solve day-to-day challenges such as working in silos, dealing with conflict, and making meetings more effective. For students, the workshops often centre around topics such as leadership, building self-awareness, and valuing differences.

Case studies

How teachers transformed their teamwork at Holy Cross School, Auckland, NZ.

A UK school study using the four TetraMap Elements and the resulting case study which offers explanations and tips for educators, students, and parents.


TetraMap supports a number of youth development organisations, providing them with communication skills and leadership training.

First Foundation


A unique trust giving talented young people with few financial resources a hand up to tertiary education. TetraMap provides a multi-generational and multi-cultural learning experience that engages students and their mentors.

Outcomes: improved communication and understanding of differences and preferences between students and mentors.



Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a 5-day programme run each year to unleash youth’s leadership potential.

TetraMap run sessions on the first two days.

Scouts NZ

Scouts use My nature your nature workshops to promote understanding of themselves and others.


TetraMap facilitators help run a programme for YWCA Future Leaders mentors and mentees in Auckland. 3-minute video.


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The four Elements of early learning


Renee Rainville is on a mission – to inspire those closest to children to become aware of their potential and see that potential in the youth of our world.

In this guest article, she  explains how to better capture and encourage creativity in early childhood education using TetraMap and how to apply it in the classroom.

If you really want young people to succeed, then believe they can.

Georgina Pazzi, Edumazing
Educator and Certified TetraMap Facilitator, Australia

This will prove invaulable for us. We had been struggling to find a clear communication pattern and last night clarified a few things for us. The trip home in the car had more serious and valuable chat than we’ve ever had. So a great success!

Andrew, Mentor
First Foundation, NZ

Stuart Fleming reveals TetraMap’s benefits for teens