Abby Barton


Abby is a Leadership Coach and Busniess Mentor and her purpose is to facilitate and accelerate the process of making things happen for people. Her success lies in the discovery and fulfilment of the potential of others.

Abby’s vision is to see the creation and development of truly brilliant authentic leaders, teams and organisations. She believes that only after we have discovered and realised our own full potential and
become the best authentic version of ourselves, can we then lead change in the teams, organisations and society around us.

Abby’s coaching draws upon 15 years of business experience in global blue chip and start-up companies across a wide variety of industry sectors. She has held leadership roles spanning commercial finance, sales, innovation, business development and leadership development. Her background as a business leader prior to becoming a coach enables her to have first hand experience of many of her client’s issues. It also makes her results orientated and she will provide high challenge as well as support to help her clients achieve the desired change or outcome.

Abby has been coaching and developing executives and their teams in corporates and start-ups for the
last 3 years especially focusing on authentic leadership, founder to CEO development, team purpose/values/vision development, leading highly effective teams, leading through change and women in leadership.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap provides an important framework both for my leadership coaching and my business mentoring. It provides a shared language and understanding to work through my clients strengths as leaders and explore the issues they face with their business or their teams.

Being a of a Water Fire preference – I’m all about people and possibilities. TetraMap helps me with my purpose to facilitate the process of making things happen for other people, helping them discover and fulfill their potential – whether as a coach or a business mentor.