Amelia Hirawan

Amelia Hirawan

Certified: 23rd November 2017

Sinergia Consultant
Gwalk, Citraland, Surabaya


I am a psychologist and a Human Capital Coach. I facilitate many companies and organizations to develop their Human Capital System. The hardest thing in the implementation phase is the teamwork of people who will work with the system. Based on my experience, both system and human are an important factor to reach organization’s goal. But in fact, when people meet with a new thing or system, automatically they interpret only from their points of view. 

My coaching program is focusing to expand people’s points of view, using creative tools. By finding many ideas, people can see the opportunities and they can have many strategies to reach their own goal or the organization goal.

I believe that every single person has magnificent resources. That’s why, in the organizations, it is important to help people to find their strength and they can give their contribution to the organization.

TetraMap Facilitation

As a psychologist and Human Capital Coach, I inspire people to explore themselves in different ways, to think outside the box, especially when facing the challenge. The metaphor of nature in the TetraMap®️, helps people to understand themselves and others in an easy way. When we know about our preference, we can understand others deeper as well. 

For me, TetraMap®️is also a model of thinking. As an Earth and Fire elements, it is a quite challenging to deal with some situation. Everything must be done now and the strategy can change spontaneously. Usually, Air and Water Elements are so slow for me. But by understanding the clarity of Air element and the support of Water element, the situation is more balanced.
TetraMap®️is simple and powerful!!

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