Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills

Certified:  25th November 2005

Babel Consulting Ltd
The Stables
PO Box 750
+44 1302 390777


Leadership Coaching And Mentoring
We improve performance by developing trust and understanding in the workplace, with positive experiential coaching and mentoring.

Babel Consulting (established 2004) work with clients ranging from boardroom nationals and the public sector to the young and disenchanted, providing bespoke group and one-to-one coaching.

Telephone 01302 390777 for a confidential chat and find out how they can help you.

Our Unique Selling Points?
We have developed the TetraMap process to:
1. Look at businesses as a whole and the way they communicate, internally and externally.
2. Be a self diagnostic business tool, ensuring individuals and businesses function to their optimum.

Key Business Coaching Topics
1. Leadership coaching
2. Business coaching
3. Employee engagement
4. Team building

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt they have genuinely learnt some valuable insights. I certainly did. You could tell from the buzz in the room afterwards how people had enjoyed themselves.”

David Squire, Founding Director, Zernike (UK) Limited

TetraMap Facilitation

Why Do We Love TetraMap?
Because it’s brilliant. It’s simple and extremely effective.

TetraMap is a method that quickly helps you understand a wide range of behaviours, preferences, and perspectives. It is a powerful method and framework, which you can apply to business situations and relationships. The biggest benefits are it empowers you to understand:

1. Other people’s behaviours
2. Business processes
3. Leadership and management roles
4. Your behavioural bias, and how and why it changes

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