Andy Newstead

Andy Newstead

Certified: 10th June 2015


ATN Teaching & Consultancy Services Ltd
Yacht Haven Quay
01752 404203


An experienced, time-served training professional, providing fast-paced, collaborative training that fully engages the learners!

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap fits fantastically into our Negotiation, Leadership, and Team Building courses and offers an unique perspective on our behaviour in a range of business environments.

A highly motivated individual who prides himself on his Business / Supply Chain experience, in both private and public sectors and his successes in Adult Education. A competent provider of a range of learning programmes who understands the impact and importance of engaging a variety of teaching and learning strategies in his delivery. Andy has a healthy interest in all sports contributing to his competitive personality and desire for success

Andy Newstead, Managing Director, Plymouth

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