Anita Hayne

Anita Hayne

Anita HaynesCertified 27/10/2023

Anita Hayne
Hayne Consulting Ltd



Over the last 20 years + I have been delivering solutions that enable and support teams and individuals to become more self aware and effective as a result. Whether I am coaching 1-1 or facilitating team events becoming effective through self knowledge and enquiry is key to my work. This is where Tetra Map offers a tool for discovery and exploration in a fun and meaningful way.

My work takes me across all sectors with work currently in public sector, utilities, SME’s, third sector and charities. I work virtually and face to face and adapt my offering to the needs of each specific client, including using the outdoors and nature. I also have experience of working with Neurodivergent clients for the last 10 years.


Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Facilitation & Consulting


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