Anne Clews

Anne Clews

Certified: 12th February 2004

Curium Solutions Ltd


Head of Performance Learning at Curium Solutions, I help people and organisations to perform better, overcome obstacles and fulfil their personal and professional potential through one-to-one coaching, workshops, conferences and events. I design and deliver programmes to improve capability in leadership, mindset and resilience, story-telling, facilitation, communication and team performance.

A Master Facilitator of behavioural tool TetraMap, I led TetraMap’s UK development from 2007 to 2018 and continue to work closely with TetraMap International now that I am part of Curium

Anne cites her introduction to TetraMap, at a certification course in Auckland in 2004, as her most significant learning experience.

“Being immersed in the culture really helped me to appreciate the richness and value of diversity. Bringing TetraMap to the UK and growing TetraMap UK has given me the opportunity to develop skills on so many levels.”

To find out how to become an Certified TetraMap Facilitator or learn how TetraMap can help grow you and your organisation contact Anne on:
Office : 0121 233 9438
Mobile: 07973 941382

TetraMap Facilitation

Anne’s facilitation style has a coaching feel. A highly experienced facilitator, Anne has worked in learning and development for over 20 years, founding her own training consultancy in 1995. Her expertise is in people development, sales, management and coaching. She believes in building relationships, taking time to really understand the needs of individuals and organisations, to find solutions for sustainable growth.

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