Armando Arias


The way I approach business consulting is the same as my approach to my way of life. Understanding the person as a unique being and their relationship with the world that surrounds in each aspect of life, I try to facilitate a healthy and productive connection that detonates the full potential of the individual and colleagues. I use that same approach in every team building or consulting process I lead as in every conference I speak at.

 TetraMap Facilitation

As the process begins with the individual, it becomes natural to continue with the person’s environment and role, e.g. in the job, in the family, or maybe in school. So the next natural stage of the learning and development process happens at the team level and then in the organization as a whole, both living and evolving in a given culture.

In general, TetraMap starts with the individual but touches the entire system of life through the culture of the organization bringing better knowledge, collaboration, and acceptance of the diversity, and exploiting that in order to provide a better life experience and to improve the world for everyone involved. It also, as a consequence, improves the teamwork capability and the ability to work in a collaborative and more productive environment.