Bill Wilson

Bill has been involved in the training and performance improvement arena for over 30 years. He is the Vice President of Inner Harbor Partners for Improved Performance. He works with companies to solve performance challenges and to look at the role of learning as a strategy for performance improvement. Bill takes a lead role in the design of new initiatives and the redesign of major training programs. He has integrated the Tetramap model in a number of his course designs. Bill also does work with teams and not for profit boards and uses Tetramap and the initial activity when he works with a new group. His design model (Blueprint for Performance Improvement) has consistently produced projects with significant performance improvement while resulting in reduced time and costs.

He has a diverse background and brings his experiences from a number of fields into his creative approaches to project planning and learning. Bill has been an award winning journalist, a human resources manager, labor negotiator, senior school system administrator, School Board Member, sales manager and manager of a multi-media production firm. He has started and run several companies. He is an excellent speaker, designer and trainer. Bill is also an inventor, holding two US patents.

He is the Past President of the International Alliance for Learning, and served on that organization?s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. He is a national member of ASTD and is active in the local ASTD chapter in Baltimore. Bill has presented at a large number of local, regional, national and international conferences.

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